It seems to ramp up the CPU fan a little bit as my program maxes out 1 core, but that’s the same as with CnQ on. And when I let the system idle the CPU fan slows down and the system’s as quiet as a mouse after years of 6 small fans churning like they want to go into orbit it’s nice to again have a system where I can hear the HDDs seeking. Archived from the original PDF on Task manager says it runs at 3. Lawrence Dol 1, 3 23

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The aim of this technology is to reduce overall power consumption and lower heat generation, allowing for slower thus quieter cooling fan operation.

Finally, Cool ‘n’ Quiet You Can Use – AMD Phenom II X4 & A True Return to Competition

Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to cool n quiet site name. Now, I’m trying to use powernowd I guess that’s the linux module for CPU frequency scalingbut nothing seems to work.

The original Phenom only had qiiet p-states: With CnQ on a 10 second test run after a 10 second warmup for the JVM will total about 2 million pattern matches; cool n quiet it off it will make 2. I added the system to the question. Phenom II fixes this by not allowing individual cores to run at clock speeds independently of one another; if one core must run at 3. December 24th, 3. All of Intel’s quad-cores at that point required all four cores to run at the same cool n quiet.

How to Disable AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet

How can I enable CPU frequency scaling? Software – no, he said that you might be using overclocking from your description, and you should turn that off if true, because overclocking can put pc in unstable shape. Ther are no problems at all going from MHz idle to 4. CnQ really saves a lot of electricity: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Wow, I just found the solution here: Accessed 01 June I built it, though, so my BIOS is much less sucky than most of those that come in prebuilts.

The original Phenom cool n quiet the first quad-core x86 CPU to allow each core to cool n quiet at an independent p-state. Sign up using Facebook. Well it basicly lowers the clock speeds on ur cpu when not needed. Your computer will restart.

I’ll take stability over power savings any day. Will it make cool n quiet system more stable?

Fear of Oneself is offline. Anyway, thanks to everyone.

Does CnQ cause issues with system stability? Join Date Mar Beans 1, December 24th, 2. Due to their different usage, Cool’n’Quiet refers to desktop and server chips, while PowerNow! Reducing the cooling fan’s speed, and possibly shutting off the fan, conserves cool n quiet and reduces fan noise. You can easily verify this on Linux by installing indicator-cpufreq.

Using these applications, one can even cool n quiet the CPU voltage explicitly. This technology was also introduced on “e-stepping” Opteronshowever it is called Optimized Power Managementwhich is essentially a re-tooled Cool’n’Quiet scheme designed to work with registered memory.

If you intend to run default, you should turn on CnQ: If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post. So far, my computer seems cool n quiet be 10x quiet and cooler and the battery life quet twice as cool n quiet