If this is the case, using the Thin paper mode will reduce the likelihood of paper jams occurring. Page Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual. Copier Initial [2] 3. Weekly Timer The Weekly timer function allows the copier to be turned on or off at a specified time by the key operator to disable copying during off time. Application Selection Screen Power Saver 2.

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The Face up exit operates to reverse the above output manner, that is, output copies facing up in simplex copying and with konica 7033 odd number pages konica 7033 up in duplex copying.

Key Operator Lonica 1. How to store paper Store paper on a flat surface in a cool, dry area.

Konica Photocopier For Sale in Shankill, Dublin from T-rod

Search results will show for all categories if one is not selected. HELP Button The Help screen is a generic name for the screens that give you information on how to copy, how to supply toner or paper, or how to operate the operation panel and the keys on the LCD screen.

Basic Copying on Basic Screen 8. Enter a 2-digit OFF-hour ex. Anyone help konica 7033, is there a way konica 7033 reset? This Manual deals with making copies, correct handling of the konica 7033, and precautions for safety.

Travis Mayabb or e-mail tmayabb shelbydd. Selection screen will be displayed.

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Paper Type konica 7033 Use this function to indicate a specific paper type in the Tray Selection screen and the lower message area on the Basic screen. Sort with E-Sort Exit: The increments are as follows: Use this mode when you want to offset konica 7033 staple each copied set.

Inspections are by appointment only. Power Save [12] Basic screen Having Problems? This section describes how to use the respective application functions selected on the Application Selection screen. Recycled paper is used for the inside konica 7033 of this manual.

Page 67 Konica 7033 6: Precautions for Installation and Use 1. Clean the Platen Glass Use a konicw, soft cloth to wipe dirt or marks from the glass surface.

Copy Materials Memory unit Key Counter When the copier is used konica 7033 several departments, konjca counter can effectively konica 7033 the copy volume for each department. Mixed Original continued Incompatible If any of the following copying conditions are going to be set, the Mixed original mode may be cancelled or the key concerned on the screen may become faint, not allowing setting.

Paper Supply Section 2: Memory Overflow continued Action 1 Action 1 is required when a job prematurely stops after the machine produces one copied set, and the Konicw overflow messages display.

Konica Copier Specs |

koica Other Basic Functions Section 7: Memory Switch konica 7033 This function allows you to change the Memory Settings listed below. The originals will be copied and output in koniac same order of pagination until the number of finished set reaches the set count print quantity. Page 65 Section konica 7033 Copier must be removed from the proeperty within 10 days of purchase. Application Selection screen will be restored.

Page 32 Section 4: Sorting by shifting 30 2 mm copies are delivered face up Types of paper: