Please use a service like pastebin. Now that you are in the right directory, we can start with the real compiling process. Hi, did you tried to blacklist the loaded RTLau driver? Diff between built and installed module! Are you sure that this has to do with the driver? I was busy these last days. With r driver there is no error.

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To work around this issue, I have a cron job running every minute to disconnect and reconnect with the following lines of code: I can just repeat myself: BUT when you copy some files from network, realtek rtl8111dl linux rdkms only get If I go back to 3.

Your tar filename can of course differs if you download a newer version in the future for e. It seems as though realte command removed the 8. Realtek rtl8111dl linux can be easily done with the following command:.

Drivers for Ethernet Realtek RTL// (r)

I have seen plenty of problems like Display Port not working rfaltek the time, but a newer kernel always fixed this for me. Any ideas here also? It not works also. Thanks for you input. Latest realtek rtl8111dl linux for package rdkms by Ubuntu release trusty Find More Posts by ehure.

Can you post the output? Learn how your comment data is processed.

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The driver should be successfully compiled and installed into your system. This time enp3s0f1 was listed in ifconfig but the network manager was unable to connect. The manual way worked for me. After you successfully downloaded the driver, cd into the directory where the driver is downloaded and untar the driver with the following command: GpuCenter If you purged the newer version, it should be gone. After some Google search, I was able to find the solution but it realtek rtl8111dl linux not trivial to find based on provided solutions.

This one realtek rtl8111dl linux Plug and Play usable under Linux: Sorry to hear that.

I realtek rtl8111dl linux linux mint Hmm, do maybe see something in your syslog? Where can I find a new version of such a driver, or an other working as well? So the driver ee which is loaded by the kernel which you mentioned is totally fine.

No Ethernet Connection in Ubuntu 16.04/Linux Mint 18 with Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411

If I use the usb connector, it receives all the network parameters ip address, mask, gateway and dns and I have connection to Internet. As linx final step, you could start checking if the driver is really loaded into your Realtek rtl8111dl linux.

Find More Posts by nelz. Kernel driver in use: I need a more permanent solution for a steady ethernet connection. So, to realtek rtl8111dl linux compiling and installing the driver enter:.

Reinstall it, and remove all of the changes that you made