Sophie Hayes is believed to be the first British female who was trafficked outside the UK. She was lured to Italy where she. 10 May Sophie has set up a foundation – The Sophie Hayes Foundation raise awareness of human trafficking and modern day slavery. As they have. 18 Oct Sophie Hayes, a British victim of human trafficking, who was forced into prostitution talks about her harrowing experience at the hands of her.

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It trafficked sophie hayes women who are actually being trafficked and traffficked situations where they are unable to leave, truly, look like sad weak little girls.

I also highly recommend watching the movie “Human Trafficking” after reading this book, so as to achieve more insight into what is sadly, current events.

Trafficking victim Sophie Hayes campaign

After trafficked sophie hayes years of continued correspondence, Sophie’s trust in Kas was completely shattered as she discovered his plan all along was to force her into the sex trade in Italy. The so called ”victim” in this book Sophie Hayes was not taken to a remote place like Congo, she was not locked in a room or tied to a bed.

She was told that if she tried to run away, her siblings back in England would pay the price, and he knew where they lived. I don’t think I have ever read a book that frustrated and pissed me off more than this one.

Are you shitting me that she didn’t do something to get away. My heart goes trafficked sophie hayes to all the victims of this heinous crime. Sophie’s story is extremely eye-opening, horrific and emotional and knowing that she is only one of MANY girls and boys who are forced to trafficked sophie hayes their bodies everyday is truly alarming.

All through the book you can’t help but rant and ask her “Why don’t you trafficked sophie hayes up for yourself? Sep 24, Sara Zabihi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book.

View all 3 comments. One, because trafficked sophie hayes lived through it. I found it difficult to believe that she would so willingly give this low-life her PIN for her bank card and her other personal information, just because he asked for them.

Trafficked – My Story by Sophie Hayes | Any Excuse to Write…

Of course eventually she does es First off it is obvious that Sophie Hayes is not an author but I liked this book for the honest way the story is told. I had very little sympathy left for her at that point.

I trafficked sophie hayes this is an important issue to be talked about, and a true story like Sophie’s is bound to start the conversation. Jan 13, Julia Graf rated it liked it Shelves: Even here in India, we see so many people forcing women, even their own wives into sex.

That was total bullshit and my personal opinion is the best thing for Kas would have been a bullet right between the eyes. Just when you think she is safe and is trafficked sophie hayes going to make any more bad trafficked sophie hayes, you find out that she hasn’t really changed all that much and lets Kas rule her life all over again, all teafficked while she keeps the people in her life that truly do love her at a distance. There are more dangers out there than the creepy no name, no face raper hiding ahyes the bushes.

The story is way to polished and pretty for my liking.

British woman trafficked by boyfriend

I was not surprised when he refused to trafficked sophie hayes her leave. I always thought trafficking happened to very poor people, who were uneducated and did not realise the powers they had.

Sadly there are many girls who like jerks trafficked sophie hayes treat them like crap and trafficked sophie hayes them around a little and dominate them totally. It could happen to you, or your daughter, or your sister, or your wife. Unfortunately, the honey traps laid leave a trail of misery behind: Sometimes those dangers have a face that is well known to us.

She lets trafficked sophie hayes right into the house. I’m not sure about you, but that incident would have ranked pretty high on my creep – o – meter.

What she does next is remarkable, she talks about her story and starts to represent victims of human trafficking. She makes a decision to fly off to marry him sophoe as trafficke was about to she has a medical problem and needs an operation urgently so has to put off going to her boyfriend. You try to think about jayes in that type of situation, would you risk your family members life just to possibly save yours?